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Once a month we host a Christian bookstand in the town centre. You are welcome to talk with us or take a Bible and Christian books for free (mostly in German, but some literature also available in several languages). 


This bookstand is non-commercial and we do not promote any church or assembly (we are NOT affiliated with Jehovah's Witnesses). 


If you prefer to read digital books, you can find a selection of English books for free download at the bottom of this site. Various translations of the Bible can be found at


Next bookstands scheduled


Saturday, 13 April

Saturday, 11 May 


... at pedestrian zone, corner Ludwigstrasse 6 / Pfarrgasse

... between 10 AM to 2 PM


(further dates are being requested and will be announced)



Recommended Books (in English)

Click on cover image will forward to where you can purchase the regarding book or download as pdf for free (click on "Kostenloser Download" on product site). Courtesy of CLV. 

Prof. Dr. W. Gitt answers questions that he has been asked again and again when talking to people who are searching for God or have been studying the Bible. This is not a book about theological controversies. These are real questions that people are really asking. The author deals with subjects like: God - The Bible - Creation, science and faith - salvation - other religions - life and faith - death and eternity. A very helpful book when talking to Christians as well as outsiders.

At a time when a lot of hope is being put in "dialog between the major world religions" and "tolerance and understanding", this book offers valuable orientation. It looks at the question: "There are so many religions. Are they all false, is there one which is right or do they all lead to the same goal in the end?" Werner Gitt illustrates that in the end all religions are human inventions and so none of them can lead the way to God and to eternal life. The difference between religiousness and living faith, between religion and the gospel becomes very clear.

In this excellent book the two authors have managed to convey a lot of information helpful in the debate between creation and evolution in a very entertaining way. A sparrow, a blue whale, a platypus, an earthworm, a dragon-fly, a golden plover and an intestinal bacterium all ›talk‹ about how wonderfully they have been made. They deal with evolutionary theories with humour and irony, but in the main part they concentrate on the wonder of God’s creation. A book for old and young, for Christians and non-Christians, for experts in the field and the unexperienced.

What is time? Science is unable to answer this question. In the first part of this book, time is considered as a physical quantity. In the second part a new concept is presented for understanding time. As an information scientist, the author offers surprising explanations. It is remarkable to what extent his new understanding of time harmonises with what the Bible has to say. The third part of the book deals with eternity. Beyond death, time ceases to exist. Time is broken in eternity. The reader is encouraged to think and we are led to a reality we can only understand with the help of the Bible.

Restless, driven by the question about the meaning of life, disappointed by the philosophies of our age. These "dropouts" experienced real life: Peter Hoffmann: It happened on a Thursday - Eva Reiter: My Life was sickening - Kurt Becker: Deserting Life - Alois Wagner: To the End of the Rainbow - Ali: From Mohammed to Christ - Benedikt Peters: An Illusion shattered at the Foot of the Himalayas. All of these people found rest and peace in Him who offers His rest and peace to all who are "weary and heavy-laden".

The theistic evolution theory suggests that God initiated and controlled the evolutionary process. This theory is increasingly popular not only among non-Christians but also among Christians. The author compares the two views, evolution and creation, and looks at the problem from the viewpoint of the scientific question, anthropology, astronomy, biology and computer science. It becomes clear that creation and evolution are completely incompatible. The author highlights the hidden dangers of the theory of theistic evolution.

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